Tuesday, August 9, 2016

(Gaming) Day 1 & 2 Stick Restoration

A few days ago i got a "IST Mall Makestick Pro" for around RM200, which was really pretty cheap considering the fact that it is definitely not an easy task to buy an "IST Mall Makestick Pro" in Malaysia. 

Not only that, the closest thing we can get for a Korean Arcade stick, is a Omni Arcade Stick, which cost 200USD, after conversion and shipping the total of the stick usually sums up to around RM1000.

Not saying Omni Arcade stick is a bad stick, it's a really sexy stick with it's slick steel body finish, but the price though......I'm kinda broke for that luxury.

Adding on, The "Makestick Pro"....yes the name (lol), comes with Sanwa buttons and a Airback Lever, which is like the Holy Grail of Korean sticks, is just too irresistible for a collector to turn down.

My only qualms on the stick is the fact it does not come with a wire compartment, and also the position of the start button......

After getting the stick, I understood why the price of the stick being so low.
First off, the stick looked really old, the artwork looked wet even from outside the plexi (i did not took pictures of the artwork as i threw it away very quickly). 

Secondly, after removing the artwork, i noticed the metal plate of the stick was slightly rusted (the previous owner might or might not know, but I'll put my money of the former lol)

I know it looks quite bad from the pictures, but in reality it's not really all that bad. The annoying part would be to make a new plexiglass for this stick as i really did not like the position of the start button AT ALL.

If the condition of the rust was worse, using Vinegar would be a better option, but since the rust wasn't all that bad and deep, sanding it with a fine sandpaper and water pretty much took all the rust out of the metal panel.

Your generic Car spray paint, for additional Coating so it would not rust easily again.
Hanging the panel to dry after spraying, the drying process does not take really long, but just as a precaution i would keep it there for a few hours (since i don't have any plans for the stick anyway)
After drying, the metal panel look just as good as new, now i can only wait till my custom plexi to arrive and i can install my extra brook Fighting Board in go without any extra hassle. 

Effort to take the rust off  3/10

Monday, February 8, 2016

(Gaming) Brook Fighting Board

The Brook Fighting Board, this piece of PCB is definitely a work of art, it's small, reasonably easy to wire up, easy to update firmware, and a very clear and easy to understand layout which is completed with ps4 touchpad buttons.

The Brook Fighting Board is reasonably small, and i would say stealth mod into the atrox is definitely possible by cutting just a little bit of the plastic encasing the atrox PCB.

Updating the firmware is also another easy task and also completed with a video tutorial in case people find it hard to understand lol.

All in all, this PS4 fighting board is definitely awesome and alot more convenient for modding than all the other pad hack option out there. The only downfall of using this than padhacking an official ps4 pad is a firmware update for the ps4 can potentially break the PCB from working properly on the PS4 (which for now brook has been doing a spectacular job by swiftly updating their firmware.)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

(Event) Animangaki 2015

Animangaki, an event that was held in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre last weekend, that features anime, games, manga, cosplay, and many more that's branched out from this subculture.

During this event, me and my friends held a Fighting Game Tourny, that has been going on annually in conjunction with this event. We named our tourny "Salterday Fight Fever"( I know it's cheesy lol)

The 3 games for this tournament was "UMvC3", "GGxrd", "P4u2"

During the event, I had to arrive at the event area early to setup all the stuff before the doors open, setting stuff up was fun as we were blessed with a BenQ projector by the Animangaki staffs to hype stuff up for the crowds.

Other than the projector, our member Z8penguin, also borrowed us his awesome studio grade speaker on the second day to further hype the crowds as we were blasting out sounds from the game through those awesome speakers.

Sadly though, we did not recorded any commentary during the tourny as my setup was insufficient for recording commentary (will definitely do better next time m(_ _)m). Even so, the tournament itself was not without commentary, as our friend Cleon, decided to commentate through a MEGAPHONE and it drew quite a number of crowds too, lol....definitely the hypest thing I've seen in a while.

Some random photo's during the event
This was our casual setups for players to try out different games other than the 3 tournament games, we even have Gundam during the casuals lol.

Quite a number of people came and try out all the different games we put there.

We definitely had a blast during these 2 days, met quite a few new ppl and see quite alot of old faces. 

Of course, all of this would not be possible without the participants, our leader Onii-chan (Leon Soo), Augustine for his awesome transition and scoreboard layout for the games, and also all the marshals, and bro's that borrowed us their precious equipments for 2 days, you guys are awesome

Linked below are the Semi's that took place during the event.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

(Gaming) First PS4 arcade Stick

Seeing how everyone has started to own PS4s and TO considering the switch as the graphics in PS4 are considerably better, I thought it was high time for me to own a PS4 stick. 

Currently, I own a Qanba Q4, Razer Atrox, and also a Hori stick,and..... I thought of getting myself a madcatz TE2, but getting a TE2 in Malaysia is definitely not an easy task, thus I decided to padhack my Guilty Gear Xrd controller that I fraudulently won on a release day mini Tourny.

As I was too excited to mod my stick, I did not took any picture of the controller (lol).

As for the casing, I decided to go with my "Near Dead" Hori stick, as I rarely ever use it due to the buttons and stick feels weird, and keeping the wire is another chore when compered to Q4 and Atrox.

Really? Is torturing your customer to desolder this so fun Hori? T^T

After a while, I finally was able to detach the old PCB from the body (You will not be missed lol)

After that, it's time to wire down the Guilty Gear PCB into the body of the stick.
Note: I'm not very good at organizing Wires.

I swear to god man....I will die if I ever need to rewire this shit.

All done....I even took the liberty to change the buttons and stick while I was at it.

Surprisingly it works.....lol.....

After trying it out a few times, I can't really confirm if there is any lag for this padhack, as I do not own a PS4, and I have only tried PS4 USF4 on a known laggy TV and also Guilty Gear Xrd (Since I'm not that good at GGxrd, I can't really differentiate whether if there's lag), But I don't feel any lag when I use it for USF4 on steam.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

(Gaming) Malaysia UMvC3 Casuals 01/02/2015

It's New Year and so we to have some casuals for our beloved game UMvC3, there's no mic as I am too shy to commentate xD.

Anyway, the remaining of the matches can be found in the playlist linked here.

and extra some funny moments in my GGxrd Play online xD

Fafnir Too Good lol

Thursday, October 30, 2014

( Gaming ) Team InC October Mini Tournaments

Team InC Mini Tournaments( or some of us calls it Salty Saturday ), are tournaments we(Team InC) try to do frequently in pursue to improve the competitiveness level of our local scene. The prize for these tournies are not grand, but it's something for the community to look forward to when they win. Without further ado, below are the videos of our tournaments.

First up would be UMvC3, for some reason one of the mic was muted

Coming up would be a poverty vid of P4u2 D:

And another P4u2 tourny....the settings was abit off this time....sorry D:
The quality of the videos are questionable, but we do hope to receive feedback in both our gameplay, and also our recording/stream so we can improve in the future.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

( Gaming ) Infinite Carnage Stream

Sup Guys.... This is Desangel again and today I will be showing my waifu collection....like seriously....

Back to the main topic, today i will start putting up random stuff related to fighting games in my blog, it can be random tech or random matches of me or other people that really catches my attention. thus, the real reason behind the picture above is to show off my arcade stick and PS3.

Talking about posting matches, from now on, Team "Infinite Carnage" or InC for short, will be posting matches on twitch in this channel here. The matches includes casuls and also tournament matches. As for games, we will currently cover, Blazblue Chronophantasma, Persona 4 Ultimax 2, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Undernight Inbirth, Ultra Street Fighter 4, and also a lot of other fighting games that we can get our hands on lol.  

A little about myself, nothing much happened for the past few months other than my waifu collection increasing, and me still being a poor faggot due to my inability to stop myself from buying all these waifus lol.
ヨ。。。デさんジェル です、今日は僕の大切なワイフコレックションを見せます。。。。いや まじで。。。。

本題に入るですけど、今日からチーム ”Infinite Carnage" 略して InC は様々な格闘ゲームをストリーム始めました。 ストリームチャンネルはここにあります。ストリームする格闘ゲームは、ブレブル、マーヴル、ペルソナ、Uniel, ストリートファイター、 と他の手に入れるゲームかな。ストリームするゲームは、大会もあるのでどぞお楽しみしてください。